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Global Warming (Climate Change) is REAL.
1. We are seeing the impacts the scientific community predicted: record-breaking heatwaves, droughts, and wild fires; unprecedented storms and floods; even the melting of the Arctic ice cap.
2. The cause is human activity. As first predicted in 1896, unrestrained combustion of coal, oil, and gas has dramatically boosted the level of greenhouse gases, especially carbon dioxide (CO2) in Earth's atmosphere, which is now making the average global temperature rise far more rapidly than natural, cyclical factors could.
3. The impacts of climate change on civilization — especially diminished food production and coastal flooding — are serious, and some impacts can no longer be avoided.
4. Options for adaptation to our now rapidly-changing climate are both limited and temporary.
5. The only way we can moderate the future dangers of planetary warming is to dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions by systematically eliminating dependence on fossil fuels and rapidly switching to non-carbon-polluting, sustainable energy sources.
6. In the short term, this does require major changes in how individuals and civilization behave because it will require reduced per-person energy use — but the alternative bears a price far higher than our species can afford.
7. We may be able to prevent out-of-control global warming — IF we act soon to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
8. The proposal that looks most promising to many, from climate scientists to policy experts, is a carbon fee-and-dividend program like that supported by Citizens Climate Lobby. Revenue-neutral and market-based, it has broad and growing support as an effective strategy for promoting the use of energy production technologies such as wind and solar power and discouraging continued dependence on greenhouse-gas-emitting fossil fuels. supports
Sierra Club
and its Climate Movement, which is devoted to
purposefully focusing America's attention on
meeting the greatest environmental challenge ever

Citizens Climate Lobby
CCL applies the strengths of grassroots constituent lobbying and public outreach and education to create the political will for a stable climate. Our sole policy goal is a source-imposed carbon fee-and-dividend system. It would be market-based and revenue-neutral: 100% of the receipts would be rebated to households. was founded by mycologist David W. Fischer, who is solely responsible for the site's content.
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