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Evolution Timeline:
From first life-forms to homo sapiens

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To make this more accessible to the average person I have simplified the presentation of the evolutionary record. Students of paleontology will notice omissions.

–Steve Rose

First Life (Prokaryotes), photosynthesis

Eukaryotes - multicelled organisms

Cambrian Explosion, hard-bodied organisms (Not teenyboppers, yet)

Ordovician Period - 1st fish vertebrates

Millipedes - 1st land animals

Devonian Period (Age of Fishes)

1st Trees

Mississippian Period - 1st amphibians

Pennsylvanian Period - 1st reptiles

End of Dinosaurs

Triassic Period (Age of Dinosaurs), 1st mammals

Roaches and termites have evolved

Jurassic Period, 1st birds

Tertiary Period (Age of Mammals)

Primitive monkeys

Proconsul, 1st apes


Chimpanzee & hominid lines diverge

Hominid line begins

Australopithecus walks upright

Australopithecus afarensis (Lucy) makes stone tools

1st use of fire for cooking

Homo erectus, crafted tools

Homo erectus migrates out of Africa

1st artificial shelter, Europe


Homo sapiens